What I'm watching


Watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead last night :scream: Fucking hell.

The Darkest Hour
The Snowman - Jo Nesbo

Just finished watching Gods of Egypt on bluray - it was shite. Even the special effects were piss poor. 1/5


I managed 10 minutes, it’s like a bad TV movie from 1994.


I gave up on The Walking Dead for a couple of seasons because I lost interest in the characters and the storylines were weak. I watched the first episode of the new season last night and it was the most violent piece of television I’ve seen in a long time. Possibly ever. Good tho’, really good.


Have you ever watched Banshee?


I’m currently watching Better Call Saul, enjoying it a lot!


I really like it but it is a bit slow.


I agree. I was expecting it to be bad but…


I might give this a try. Just watched a trailer and Fear by Ian Brown was playing :slight_smile:


I haven’t no Jon, coco also mentioned this show a while back and I’ve seen other references to it as well. It’s gone on my to-watch list. The violence in last night’s Walking Dead really was borderline torture porn - looking at some of the reaction it’s turned some fans off. I think the writers need to notch it back a touch and get back to zombie horror.


At least watch as far as episode 3 and the fight with the cage fighter. If you’re not sold on it by then, you aren’t going to be.



Thx for spoilers.


Sorry for kicking it off about Walking Dead, I should’ve known that was bound to happen.


Reaction to the first episode is all over the web and social media today. It’s hardly a spoiler. However, just in case…


Your ma’s all over the web.


Your ma’s all over me. :kiss:


Kate Tempest on the iplayer.


The Night Of on catch up.


Just finished with the Fall. That was a pretty dark third series.

3 episodes into Westworld, Two to catch up with. Enjoying it but wouldn’t mind having one character I could actually warm to.