What kit are you listening to today?




Pointing out summat a dealer is about to demo can be had much cheaper elsewhere.
Maybe I am wrong.i am quite often.




I thought it was just being a bit over enthusiastic.


It’s not a dealer thread


Dealer threads don’t exist on the AA


You just haven’t found the right currency


For those who think wiring make a difference:

Going for a demo today, prepared for my mind to be opened etc.*

*I’m not, just enjoy the link.


I have one if you want one and it’s cheaper…


I suspect it invalidates the manufacturers’s guarantee?



Depends who you are.


Ooh, I say



Who can you mean.:shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Fucking massive, fucking hot, pretty scary but incredible sound


Borrowed or taken the plunge?


Loan, but I’m really tempted, I feel I need a change and these are like sirens calling for my PIN number


They are funny things - never photograph well but always stunning to look at in the flesh.


They certainly are, the power amp is huge. They have a sort of ‘who ate all the pies’ look about them


They had a big rep on the Wam.