What kit are you listening to today?


That bottle-green pair really did the rounds, think Duvet started with them, and pretty sure Special Princess JANDL had them too… Never sounded anything but shit to me.



Did you veneer that album cover to match?


He has good taste, certainly, our own version of a fashion guru. I am using Rehdeko RK125 and the Viva is making them sing. Being high sensitivity I have always assumed that they would be an easy load for any amp and that the higher up the amp food chain you climb the better the resulting sound. However, an experience at Jims last bake made me realise that was bollocks when an old AI s300 trounced a posh nob Leben that looked very expensive driving a pair of RK115s. The only thing I’m not really liking is the 845 tubes, they look like they can kill anything near them, including other bits of kit, and that makes me a bit nervous compared to the GM20 (with 6c33cbs) I normally use.



Nice Yamaha speakers
Nil points for the pile of horizontal records :rage:


You must really hate your ear drums.


They aren’t on, they’re just ornaments. I only listen to the TV speakers.


Edd and I are waiting until they go on holiday and then we’re going to burn it all - all this self-harming will end badly otherwise…


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^Oops wrong thread.


Yet somehow apt all the same :+1:


enjoying some nice hybrid valve monoblocks , made by the venerable firebottle of AOS forum . quite a few weeks wait but it was worth it. they run pretty cool and really sound very muscular and organic . for 1100 quid they are pretty good vfm i think

65 watts into 8 ohm PC88 valve

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Dread to think what the depreciation will be.:open_mouth:


60% loss after a year.


quite so , but like most hi fi kit it depreciates . having been to alan `s house a good number of times i have confidence in him and i know i could go back with any problems . sjs also makes wonderful kit which has developed a very good reputation and f/b stuff is highly regarded on AOS


70% because blue LED.


The little Sony La Scala 2 set I bought. I listened to it on the NS1000M downstairs to begin with but brought it upstairs so I could service it all. Wall mounted Mission M71i - sounds really, really nice.

Saw a few posts where the relays are “known” to go bad, so I desoldered them all and popped the lids off to clean the contacts, re did any dodgy looking solder joins, cleaned pots, etc. Did a clean and relube of the CD player mechanism.

Last night I sorted the tape deck because it was unusable. Cleaned it thoroughly, had to use aluminium oxide paper lightly on the pinch rollers because they’ve gone solid - got some rubber renue on its way. Belts are fine, but had to adjust the speed slightly and it’s fine now.*

*Fuck knows why, I never use tape.


do you do home visits?


Is the sky blue?