Where are they now?

A catch-all thread, but to kick off, I hope Bob @ICHM is OK.

Last seen a fortnight ago, here’s hoping for a flounce rather than anything more sinister.

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Yeah, hope you’re ok Bob @ICHM.

Iirc he does tend to have a break from the fora every now and then.

Yep, Bob loves a flounce, but it doesn’t usually last this long.

Come on Bob, get yer arse back ere mate…we’re missing your amazing hifi knowledge! :joy:


And Graham @gthang is MIA as well.

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Yeah, come on Huff-Bob

We need to know how that new turntable is performing.

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Was his flounce the result of a thread I haven’t seen - link please as I could do with a laugh.:grin:

Bob is trapped in a crystal chrome prism of his own desire.


All i can see when i look through it, is itv4

He might just be on holiday perhaps?