Where have all the bakes gone?

Grew out of hifi a few years back. Little incentive to be bothered with it now.

We walked there. If I remember tho it was all residential with cars everywhere

Me and Kate will be organising one very soon
Just need to work out a date as work gets in the way quite a lot at weekends for me.
We will be doing one soon



Lol, only response will be



I’ve wanted to host one for a while, now have the house with spare rooms for people to stay (& park) and actually two reception rooms, just life and a baby arrived! Still think we could arrange a baby free weekend in the summer, I’ll try and put something together.


It’s a time thing for me, for both going to and hosting.

in the last month I have only had 2 whole days with the wife and a few evenings where we have crossed over. So I tend to focus on that time more plus my other hobbies take up a bit of time now.

It’s a shame always like to chat shit and find new tunes.

Edit: but whenever I get to move to a shift pattern with weekends, then for sure I will be around more


I have room but don’t really have a hi-fi, plus, it’s Luton!

Well; I have fuck all spare bedrooms, on street parking in the general vicinity only, hounds will be slammer bound and its cost me a spa evening for her majesty. Doesn’t even constitute a challenge for well bloodied meatmen!

For day trippers, the hardy and those with a camp bed, it’s on, 18/19 May. There is an evens chance it won’t rain, what’s not to like.

I’ll pop something in the bakeoff thread.


Not enough room to swing a cat in my gaff but there is a nice village hall which can be booked for events for very sane prices.
Big enough for a sizeable gathering and Ravensthorpe is pretty centrally located with easy travel up M1 / A14 and the village pub is 50 yards away.

I don’t have a suitable hi-fi but the likes of Myrman and Cobbler are nearby and could maybe put something together from their stellar systems.


Years ago on the WAM I started a ‘Wammers Welcome’ thread.
People could list their systems and location and post in it if they were happy to have visitors.

I was living in a flat in Hove at the time which wasn’t really big enough for a bakeoff.
Same as my place now, probably six at max.

Quite a few people came round, some were attending conferences and the like in Brighton, others were just interested in listening to the kit I had and were in driving distance.


Remember when we were thinking about ‘what to do’ about Scalford at AA’s birth? Lopwell kind of came out of that conversation but there were many ‘All dayer’ ideas like hiring an Indian restaurant or as @Gyroscope suggests a pub room or similar. Like a lot of people, I don’t have the space to accommodate but I’m interested to find an unusual place to stick a system and making a day of it - I know it’s not the same as a home bake, more of an away day really.

A friend is in talks with a place down here to put on a band / dj’s etc in this ‘cultural space’ I’ve kind of put the idea in his head about an audio experience type thing to be set up in part of the building here:

‘The Immersive Dome’ is the first of its type – 15m in diameter space that is in effect a giant screen. Currently this is nothing more than loose talk and a scout hut more probable. I guess what I’m suggesting is if you don’t have space it’s not too tricky to find some. I’m sure people would chip in to cover costs. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a disaster - the coming together and laughing about it after is probably more important.


Keep me posted about that Matt, sounds interesting. What/where is that space?

Edit: just found it on t’interwebs. Looks cool. Show’s how out of touch I am with my local area… I had no idea that existed till now, and I love that kind of thing.

Anyone worrying about the quality of their hifi or the size of their listening room - it’s actually the size of your kitchen and the quality of your coffee that matters: no-one’s going to take any notice of the hifi :+1:


I’ve had quite a few bake offs in previous years (our situation was different though) obviously COVID stopped it all stone dead.
My issues are space, time, family, dogs, but mostly neighbours (we live in a semi), so basically I’m limited to weekends when they are on holiday.
It’s difficult for all the stars to align these days!

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Should be holding another bake-off this year. Hopefully before Summertime.
Although not a large house, we do have a little more space now.


Stick me down for that Phil! :+1:

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I will be having one, but I have a lot of clearing out to do, in the music room.
Spring, summer??


I’d like to be able to help you with that question Gregg. Being able to sit outside (like we’ve done previously at yours) is nice, but it’s totally pot-luck with UK weather, as you know.

So on the basis of the sooner, the better - I would go with spring :grinning: