Where have all the bakes gone?

Prior to the epidemic, I seemed to be going to bakes every month or two, but since, (apart from the two I’ve held) only one, at Nick’s.
It could be argued that our membership is far smaller than the previous place, but there’s loads of folk on here who used to hold regular bakes, but haven’t since covid.
What’s the issue lads?


You’re all fucking horrible cunts. :man_shrugging:


Obvs, but that’s not usually a bar to hosting a bake, more errr…a necessary requirement :rofl:

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In my case, I have turned the space where the hifi is into a workshop. It isn’t particularly comfortable, or wouldn’t be for more that a couple of people.

Let’s face it, a LOT has changed in the last 5 years.

For a start we’re all 5 years older - and like it or not, with age comes can’t-be-arsedness.

Lockdown altered the way we all think in a lasting way - it’s surprisingly difficult to reverse that. We’re out of the habit.

Travel is now insanely expensive - and Britain’s roads are also more horrible places to be with every passing day. It certainly limits where I go now.

Most of us are post-Hifi - interest rarely bubbles-up much beyond idle curiosity unless someone has something spectacular like your horns Jim.

We’ve permanently lost a few of the Good Guys like Colin and Dave.

And most of the rest of us are pretty fucking awful TBF :laughing:

Me personally, since a couple of bouts of COVID (one before vaccination), I’m permanently exhausted, I could probably sleep 23 out of every 24 hours if I didn’t crowbar myself upright daily. Trivial stuff feels like climbing a fucking mountain, not helped by lifelong depression. Years of building-related BS making access and parking awkward was offputting too. Still not 100% resolved.

I was nonetheless planning a bakeoff until the monos crapped out - I liked where I’d got with the system, so taking a step back was dogshit icing on a cake of bullshit! :joy:

Weak excuses are weak, and I want to change that, now hoping for better weather to spark some Keen :ok_hand:


Will stick you down as a maybe

At present I only have a two seater sofa.
Gave the 3 seater away and then realised at Xmas when a few people arrived,I probably shouldn’t have given it to the old peoples place.
No doubt they sat on a comfy recliner watching home alone,whilst I was sat on a hard kitchen chair.

Do miss them though,bake offs that is.


When did a bakeoff become a bake?


Fuck it, you’re right Jim. I’ll put one on, don’t know when yet or the how, but will do something if people want to travel to the end of a remote cul de sac, be nice to host again.

April seems good, will clear with CinC Nav Home.


it’s good to think of the younger generation these days. Too few people do. :+1:


Once settled in my next place, I am happy to hold one. There is a catch. Fries with Mayonnaise if you catch my drift…


Yay! :heart_eyes:

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Nice one, do we have to travel by bus tho? :joy:

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:joy: :joy: :joy: Ferry. Or tunnel if you’re feeling flush!

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I promise to arrive really early, get you out of your pit and whup you into shape :rofl: :rofl:

I’ve given it serious consideration but all-in-all I don’t think it would work.

I don’t have the space (or a hi-fi).

However the local pub has huge upstairs spaces to rent. They also sell beer and pizza.

However only the very foolhardy would try to get to me in a car. And how would you bring anything other than a pair of headphones without a car?


Bakeoffs are as much about the music as the kit.
I am sure a USB stick would fit in your pocket!

Is there reasonably easy parking near the pub to unload? If so, you wouldn’t need a car or kit. We could fetch ourselves, kit and tunes

Plenty of kit, beer and food in a private room - sounds perfect. :ok_hand:

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@malbec what do you think about parking?

I’m talking about the Rosendale obvs.

I just checked the web site. The “west room” holds 150 standing and 100 seated. The “east room” holds 40 standing and 30 seated.

They claim that the west room has “Excellent sound system with 3.5mm jack input” :laughing: I know a few people who might disagree with that :laughing:


Would be great to catch up\ meet some of you guys before I fuck off… :sunglasses:

I own neither a house nor a hifi these days (well I’ve got a pre-amp still, but that’s currently still in France). Does make it tricky. But if anyone is hosting in the next few months whilst I’m definitely in the UK, I’ll be there come hell or high water or broken arm.

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