Where to buy a laptop (pensioner-proof)

Mother needs a laptop: doesn’t need many features, and won’t be doing much gaming, but a 15" screen, pref IPS, and SSD seem to be the main criteria. I’m only interested in Lenovo & Dell at the mo.

However, chances of her utterley fucking everything up with a “I don’t know what I pressed, but the screen just went blue” are astronomically high

So the question is - is it worth buying from one of the bigger stores so at least she can return it to them and moan to them (instead of me) or are they as much use a chocolate tea pot, and I may as well buy it from Amazon ?

(Edit; perhaps stating the obvs, but I don’t like in the UK, hence me asking what might seem like a bloody stupid question)

See if you can find a local computer build/repair shop.
They can build the laptop to suit your needs, and if you explain the situation to them, they can probably set it up, and disable some functions, so that the catastrophic event, might not happen.

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Just been through this with the MiL - and in the end she is very happy with a Kindle Fire tablet.

She didn’t need a laptop, the one she had was quite good but getting on a bit, but she didn’t understand how to use it, wasn’t willing to learn etc…so we got her a tablet, which has taken a while to learn about using a touch screen but she is way happier using it for emails, browsing and a bit of shopping.


Exactly the same with my MiL.

Personally I find the Kindle Fire walled garden a bit too walled, but it seems to suit elders very well.

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Chromebook is the other alternative. Easy to use, doddle to update, bit useless if you haven’t got the web.

Wrong button pressing adventures easy to remedy, seconds to boot.

Yep, chrome book. My dad had a infuriating habbit of totally ferkin windows. Had a Chromebook thing for 2 years. All I have had to do is put a short cut back on the desktop.

I like the way that nobody has come close to trying to answer the actual question being asked

Thanks for the suggestions, fellas

FWIW she already has an iPad, this is for doing her craftwork (whatever the actual fuckity that is) and some word processing stuff, and printing stuff off (though thats also doable from her ipad)