Which Bond film is best?

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Or, if you prefer, least worst.

Goldfinger No 1

Worst is the extra one Connery did later as a comeback forgotten the name.

Live and let die

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It’s really hard to answer. I remember the Roger Moore ones as being the first I saw, but my folks would always go on about Connery. For some reason I never warmed to Connery much.

The Brosnan and Craig eras each started well, but then totally jumped the shark.

If you push me for an answer then it might be GoldenEye, but I haven’t seen it for a while.

I might watch them all just to see.


I have a mild addiction to this film.

Although if I think about it rationally (a rare occurrence) I couldn’t tell you why.

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I liked the Timothy Dalton ones for being a bit darker.


Bond? Meh.

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On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

George Lazenby natch :+1:

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Is that Lazenby or a wooden cutout? - difficult to tell. :slight_smile:


OHMSS short review.
Good: Diana Rigg, theme tune (especially in remix form)
Bad: everything else.

You have to ask ?


nup, quite obvious as you say

Weng Weng

The favourite from my childhood was Moonraker, but recently it’s Casino Royale (Daniel Craig).

The original Casino Royale, because it’s batshit crazy.

Best Bond was Brosnan, but he was rather let down by some very poor scripts. Goldeneye was probably the best of all the regular Bond films.

Which film did Kate Bush refer to with Genie from the casino waiting in her big brass bed?

Worst - anything with Roger Moore.

Best or favourites - imo With Russia With Love, Goldfinger.

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Enough to make up for the brilliant science in the final scene?

Sean Connery- From Russia with Love.

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I had forgotten what a massive crush I had on Jane Seymour, presumably when I was about 11!