Which Magical Mystery Tour pressing?

I’ve decided it’s about time that I bought this on vinyl but which (affordable) version to go for ?

Thanks chaps.

1997 repress was reputed to be decent. But there have been so many.
Apparently the Beatles were supposed to be something special, so releases are quite prolific.

Yeah, I’d heard that people quite rated them. Hmmmm.


Can’t see the attraction myself. I have a first press Stereo The Beatles (White Album) but have no interest in the other contrived shite that the fake four produced. Sorry, can’t help you.


Would it help if they wore cloaks and their tracks were a fortnight long ?


I picked up the D’Agostini version of this in either WH Smiths or Tescos a while back. In terms of pressing it is very good for not much money.

As an album it is a bit meh. At lest there are no flutes or capes…

That’ll do me then. It’s just one of “those” Albums you have to own.

Cheers Olan

The DeAgostini version that is part of the current series is decent Mike.

They’re based on the 2009 stereo digital remaster, which I think is the same remaster that the currently available retail albums are from, not including the boxset, mono & stereo, issues which are from a 2011 remaster, Iirc.

I did a back to back with a DA Sgt Pepper and the current EMI one, both from the same remaster, and the DA was the better pressing.

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Do you want an LP version or an EP (2x7’’)
The uk 1976 original LP is good but the 69 reissue EP is what I would go for- affordable and doesn’t contain the filler of the LP version. The Mono original uk release is pricey.

It’s the Japanese pressings which are the most sought after on Discogs so perhaps these are the ones to go for. Thick end of fifty quid tho’

:+1: Rob

No problem. I agree that this is one of the Albums you have to own. That is why I started buying the D’Agostini Beatles reissues. They are cheap enough, decent quality and there is zero effort involved in getting anything you want as long as you are patient. If they were pricey or hard to source I wouldn’t be arsed.

LP really Loo. It’s just to fill a gap really. Not a “must have” Album

As above mosy

Go for. 76 uk release. This was the first LP format release in the Uk still obtainable and taken from the original US stereo master.

Thanks chaps, bagged a new Deagostini pressing.