Which Ooni?

So, today being my birthday, Claire has asked what I want. A BJ was suggested and rejected so I asked for an Ooni instead. She said fine, once she understood that I wasn’t asking for anal or anything like that.

I’m not going to pay the ludicrous prices being asked on eBay so I’m going to order a shiny new one direct from Ooni and put up with the wait.

I like the simplicity of the Fyra and the ability to use pellets, but it appears that’s all you can use, apparently there’s no facility to fit a gas thingy at a later date.

But I also like the ability of the Karu to use solid wood, charcoal and gas (albeit have to buy a gas thingy). It doesn’t mention an ability to use pellets but I bet there’s a hack for that somewhere.

Anyone care to help me choose?

I honestly have no preconceived preference so this won’t be the usual confirmation exercise.

It’s my Birthday post is really obvious it’s my Birthday post :grinning:.

Happy Birthday!

P.s I have no idea about the things.

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Karu for you

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Happy birthday Rob, not a clue about the question though.

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@Rob998 is it your birthday today?

It is! I didn’t like to mention it, obvs. :wink:

I have an Ooni 3 which has a gas option bought later which I think is much less faff.

I think the Karu offers a more long term flexibility.
Happy Birthday





Apparently if you use charcoal in it as a sort of a fire bed, you can chuck some pellets on to boost the heat when you’re ready to do your pizza or steak or whatever.

Think the Karu is looking like the favourite so far.

Have a great day Rob :+1:

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Wow a Speedmaster and an Ooni.

A birthday to remember!


Many happy returns Rob and congrats on your subtle it’s my buffday thread :rofl:

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Happy Birthday Rob. You should have mentioned it was your birthday.

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Should have said to Claire that the BJ would be cheaper.

Happy BJ Birthday Rob

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Happy birthday. No idea what an Ooni is tbh. Would you like a birthday wank?

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Happy birthday Rob


Not from you! Your Mrs on the other hand (whichever hand, I’m beyond being fussy…) :wink::rofl:

I’m much better at wanking than her. Put it down to more practice. Much more practice.

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Happy birthday! And dont forget the rolling pin. :+1:

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