Which system do you listen to most?


Anyone tried full range fostex or similar in there car?


They’re only full range if you have a back loaded horn or similar. Without a large cabinet you’d be really lacking in bass, I would think.


I managed to get some full range fostex from @Ciderpig in my mini, does that count?


Yes,do they sound good?


Those fun horns you had would be fine in a saloon.


don’t know but my bum was squeaking going across roundabouts.

(I collected my Tune Audio Primes from him in the back of my Mini Cooper)


Should of wired them up.


couldn’t sound worse than the stereo in the Mini.


I’m not surprised, you’re meant to go around them.


Strangely that’s what the policeman said as well.


1.Main system
2. Spoify on phone bluetoothed to car system


Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro connected to a Behringer USB mixer at my desk, then the car, then the hifi, then the earphones I use when I walk to and from work.

I have speakers all over the house providing whole house background music courtesy of Chromecast Audio adapters which I use Spotify/Tidal with. The hifi gets used when the dogs are asleep, the wife is out and I’m not going to be interrupted.


Quad actives at work, phone as source, via Logitech Bluetooth thingy.

Phone/Sony noise cancelling headphones for commute.

Main system not working.


Mix of laptop with headphones, phone into hifi, and car, in a pretty much equal split.


I know that feeling :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m only a couple of months in, I feel for you!



Spotify in the car.


Main system by a clear margin

Also headphones on trains and my bike, but there is little music selection or variation here, just slap summat on that suits my mood.


After you have a quick wank yeah?