Which system do you listen to most?

It always seems slightly ironic, given I listen to music almost all day unless on the phone or in meetings, that the system I listen to least is my proper HiFi.

I would say the Car or my AE Aego system at my desk, with Sound Blaster card are the systems I listen to most of the time. Followed by my Klipsch earphone and Samsung S8 phone. The Sonos Play 1 in the kitchen gets a fair bit of exercise too…Then a distant 4th my actual hifi.

Normally because, by the time I flop on the sofa I’m allmusikedout.

The car stereo…

At the moment the main hi-fi thankfully

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Actually the Pro-Ject still sounds lovely :+1:.

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This is a trick question for me. I am listening to my main system at the moment. Except of course I’m not because I’m listening to a pair of powered network speakers with the only part of my system being involved is a mains conditioner and NAS drive. The amount of time, a set of components that are mine is running is very limited.

As such, the system that sees the most use in one form is the car’s one paired with my phone and a pair of AKG N5005 earphones also paired with my phone.

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I’m glad it’s still doing the business for you Rob :+1:

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Main system, by a long way.

At the moment main system, but that’s about to change. I don’t tend to listen to music in the car, but will have earphones in when travelling on the train.

Still my main system, though not nearly as much as I have done in the past, as I’m generally trying to be more industrious upstairs in the studio. I have a second system in the studio - ESL57s with subs, on a BGW studio amp, that gets quite a bit of use. Current new kid on the block is my iphone 6S with Tidal and a pair of Audeze Sines with Cipher DAC, which is indecently nice, so I’m actually wearing that round the house quite a bit, while I’m getting other stuff done. But still defaulting to the main system. My leisure listening overall has declined a lot.

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I mainly listen to music on my only hifi system. In the car, the odd cd gets played but I mainly listen to the radio. Likewise the network speaker in my bedroom is used mainly for radio but the odd bit of qobuz is sampled from time to time.

Main system or bedroom system about the same. In the car I listen to mostly spoken word or a bit of MP3. As I am not doing the hours I used to in the car (thank fuck) it’s a lot less.

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Car radio

I’ve toyed with installing the main system in the car and sticking the car radio in the front room





It kinda makes upgrades difficult to justify :thinking:

In the olden days we’d have upgraded the car hifi…

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AE Aego on my PC at work
Kitchen - Naim Unitiqute
Bedroom - Marantz MCR501
Main System

Main system, by a long way :slight_smile:

Phone, with @chelseadave’s old headphones, by a long way.

Then main living room system.

Then equal third between the kitchen Sonos boombox and the direct to the computer Meridian DAC / Eclipse TD.

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average hours per week is probably this:

SqueezePlay through Q Acoustics BT3 on work pc
Shure 315 headphones on ipod
Squeezebox through kitchen mini system
Main system

Yep. Been there done that. All pre-massivefuckoffsubs.

Alpine Cassette front end, graphic equalizer, with Infinity 6" x 9" 3-way speakers front and rear, with Infinity 4" 2-ways up on the dash.
All powered by 6 x 100W and 2 x 50W Alpine power amps.

The system was transferred between 4 cars (lots of hole filling before sale).

I did think it was shit hot though.

  1. Main system ( now my only one :heart_eyes:)
  2. Pub jukebox
  3. Weekly bath listening to an R707.
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