Which tonearm?

I has the itch, suggestions please for a tonearm for a Voyd Reference

  • 9 or 10 inch length
  • works on bouncy sub-chassis TT

I currently have an Audio Note Arm 1-3 mk2 which I really like, and an FR 64s which is entertaining, but far from neutral in my system
I have previously had FR 64fx, WB Act 2, SME 309 & SME V


Serious answer- have a look at the Vertere arms (not the mad one, the SG-1). It has consistently delighted me both on the MG-1 and the Gyro. It’'ll fit the AN armboard too.

Not terribly serious answer. Go FULL ARTHUR.

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Alphason HR100 with other than vdH cable

Actually the STST vertex would go well although I haven’t tried it on my Voyd


I have also made Voyd armboards for a couple of people who seem very happy with Kuzma Stogi Ref

HR 100s seems popular on a Voyd, but i havent heard one

It sounds excellent on Phil’s Voyd in fairness.

I had a J7 rebuilt Xenon with AN silver cable installed so it had the titanium tube that the HR had and exceptionally well set up bearings. It was very vivid, precise and fast sounding. @pmac has it now. But I’m sure an HR100 is as good if not better provided the original dark sounding cable has been replaced.

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Do I remember correctly, that at the last UK hifi show, Alphason were there, and they are going to start producing arms and turntables again?

“cables make no difference whatsoever…”

“But notwithstanding I’d like the most expensive fairy foo wire on my phono cable if you please” :laughing:

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Hi Simon, you heard my Triplanar on the Ref.5 but everything else was unfamiliar.
You can come back with cart, phono and preamp of your choosing and see how that suits??
Would love to hear your phono and preamp in my setup as you are not the only one with the itch🤣!

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The SMEV you’re borrowing was wired internally with AN silver for good reason & normally had an AN lead attached as well. I really didn’t like the vdH (501?) cable that many arm manufacturers were using in the late 80s early 90s & if I recall, when measured by HiFi Choice it did show some HF roll off. But it wasn’t just dull, it was coarse sounding too. As an interconnect, even the cheapest freebie cable that might come with a CD player or cassette deck was a better bet


I still have an SME vdh tonearm cable here if anybody wants to try one after that glowing review

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Johnnie at AO had a lot of work from rewiring IV/V with Kondo silver rather than the vDH stuff


Ikeda HBC-MS-5000LDR


Last time I spoke he said he wasn’t doing the Kondo any more ???

yep, isn’t he using the Ikeda silver now?


Yes, still got it.

J7 pretty much only works with Linn, Rega and SME arms now.

and Syrinx :wink:

Had a PU7 for a while and that was very good

What about one of these?