Whisky anyone?

A rather odd long shot, but following the house move and separation, I find myself looking to streamline and recoup some short term costs, as such I have quite a lot of unopened whisky, particularly stuff from the SMWS as well as independent bottlers.

Is that something anyone here would be interested in knowing more about?

Yes but shipping.

Bottles are heavy and eminently breakable.

Mebbes I should just bomb up on the train, drink it, then head back down.


There are ways and means. Depends where people are and how many they want. Whisky is shipped across the world quite readily :slight_smile:

Of course, Collection always welcome and I’m happy to throw in a buyers dram or two :wink:

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I like whiskey, not an expert though. Prefer the peaty and smokey flavours

What do you have?

Yeah me too
I like a cleaner taste
Not peaty or Smokey
What is there?

Lots of non peaty, I think my good peaty ones are gone to someone else

I’ll make a list with pics tonight

It’s mostly all independent and small batch cask strength stuff.


This is all the stuff that hasn’t been opened yet. If anything appeals, I can sort out a price. Some are impossible to get now, so will be sold at original face value. Some I may accept offers on as they can still be bought direct.


Pm sent.

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I’ll let others have a go and then ask for what’s left.

No Cadenhead’s though please, having been racially abused by their staff.

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That’s not ideal!

Well there’s still plenty up for grabs, and havin just moved house, I still have plenty packing.

Is there anything In Particular that caught your eye

Belgian father, Canadian mother, but English accent therefore I oppressed his forebears.


In fairness the old boy is dead I believe. His son runs the shebang now

I’m afraid I’m really indiscriminate. Past a certain point it’s all bound to be good, just in different ways. So it’s just a matter of price and a pretty label.

In fairness, I’m proper fussy. Everything here is top top quality stuff. All of it was bought after tasting, and in the case of the SMWS stuff, I help do tastings for a pair of bloggers called two whisky bros. None of my bottles should be less than an 8/10 according to us.

There’s a couple I won’t list because I love them too much. But I do genuinely recommend the Glen Garioch renaissance. It’s a delicious almost tropical tasting dram but with the heat of cask strength behind it.

All the swms ones are crackers, and the James Eadie that isn’t open is a lovely soft and light session dram.

I could also be persuaded to swap some of it, if you have any particularly tasty / clean / cool jazz vinyl.

Continued availability

Bump, no solid takers yet

I’ll likely head to auction next month if not much interest here, so not to worry if it’s not to everyone’s tastes