White Noise MOS250 Monoblocks FS

I have a pair of rare kit-made 250W monoblocks that I don’t need. They were assembled by a man in Essex, he put the power supplies in separate boxes and while they work very well, they look a bit “industrial”. He had them in his garage/workshop so they didn’t need WAF.

I didn’t take the top off the PSUs yet, it anyone is interested I can do so. I was hoping for £300 for the pair, I’d imagine they were expensive to build and they did sound very good, I’ve just not got the space for a fourth system…

I’m based in Bristol but get about a bit.

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Can we try before we buy @lopwell


#beirutchic :+1:


Perfect visual match for @catcando’s speakers :laughing:


Barn find hifi is now a thing?

Pleasing aesthetics :woozy_face:

They look a bit more skip find to me.

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Busy Badgers.

They must be Audio Note.

Do you even Emporium?