Who is a guitar expert?

Thinking of buying a guitar, can anyone give some guidance?

@Spider for this, he knows a bit, plays in a band.

Acoustic or electric? What sort of price?

I have seen a Gretch for sale and wondered if it was a good price.

I have a gretsch. I wouldn’t recommend a guitar with bigsby if you’re starting out. They’re a bit of a faf esp if the bridge isnt fixed.

Which model is it? How much?


I have asked for the model. It’s supposedly brand new, with a Vox amp and hardcase £500

Edit: It would mainly be for Jenny who is an experienced player/teacher, I can always use her Telecaster.

Thats more or less idential to mine!

It is a big guitar, will feel very differnet to a tele.

Electric or acoustic?
Style of music you’d like to play?

There are some fab guitars our there for the £500 price point now a days. So lots to choose from.

Instrument wise my first tip would be to get it properly set up by a luthier, Even relatively modest guitars can be brilliant to play when set up properly. Straight out of the shop they are rarely at their best.

Electric wise the PRS SE series are all very good and the Mexican built Fenders are also good value.

Acoutic wise the Yamaha LL series or high per spec FG series are good and the Martin X series are excellent and there are different body shapes in that series to choose from.

Then there is a whole world of secondhand ones to look at.

Hope that helps. If you have anything in mind specifically let me know and I’ll give you my thoughts, guitars are very personal things. My personal choice is a Gibson Les Paul. Other Les Paul’s don’t feel like mine to me, Eventually you fine one that just feels right to you and even though they look the same no two guitars feel the same to play. It takes a while to find what suits you and your style, but that knowledge does come with experience.

Good luck and have fun choosing.

Edit: Just seen a few replies looks like you know what you’re doing so ignore my post.

PS agree with what’s been said Bigsby tremolo look great but is not easy to set up or restring.


How about pricewise?

Which vox amp is it?
The Gretsch G5422t is around £700 new

You could gig a pub with that, 2x 12 inch speakers iirc. Will be ott volume wise for home use, you’ll use very little of its power. But being a modeling amp it should still sound ok at low volumes.

If you can buy all that for £500 and its all in good shape then a decent buy on paper - but only if it is what you want.

Thanks G.

Liking that rack Graham :+1: I have my eye on a Gretsch myself. I’ve never owned that body type of guitar before and they look great.


If you like it £500 for both amp and guitar is a reasonable enough price if you like them.
I’d want to try them first if possible.

Nice rack Graham,
Your own work I presume?

BTW I always thought the Vox valvetronix was one of the best modelling amps at its price point. I used one live for a couple of years and I always thought it had a authentic sound.

Yes, it was made from leftover ply from when I made my speakers, The supports the guitars stand on were packing material from a washing machine. Cost was zero :slight_smile:
I keep meaning to stain it and fit some material to protect the guitar’s necks, 2 yrs and counting…


Well said, well worth repeating.

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I always thought a Gretch G5422 sounded fab through a Fender Twin Reverb. As did a Gibson ES-335. I think there must be a synergy between a semi and the Twin.

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