Wi fi camera

Has anyone got a point and shoot wi fi camera,and does it send pics instantly to your pc quicker than plugging the cable in?

We use a canon ixus at work which does a good job,but just wondered if a wi fi camera would speed things up when we do loads of listing

You could achieve the same thing using a phone on WiFi and software such as Syncthing, which will upload new photos immediately. You could use an old burner phone as well, which might give better results than a really cheap camera.

It’s for eBay listings so needs to be pretty good
The ixus was a couple of hundred about 8 years ago

Saw a Samsung dv300 locally and just wondered if having the wi fi would speed the process up rather than plugging/unplugging every couple of minutes

If it is a faff,we will just stay with the canon

Just use a phone and set up google photos to back up. They get uploaded pretty quickly on WiFi, or you can force an upload. Then just pull them from google photos.

Will give the phone a try :+1:

Maybe set up a new google account for the purpose as well, assuming it’s shared at work.

IME Google photos is slower than Syncthing, but it’s easier to set up.

It’s only for work
Will give it a try to see if it speeds things up

this works well - G photos works speedily here.

I’ve got a canon WiFi dslr and it connects faultlessly to my iPad. I don’t have a pc so all my eBay listings are done via the app.

model number would be helpful.