Wifi mesh


Has anyone used a wifi mesh setup? I have a convoluted setup combining homeplugs and two wifi networks, which mostly works but the homeplugs get hot and then stop working (not ideal in this weather), the second wifi point is gratuitously flaky and Claire gets annoyed when whe’s connected to the wrong one (naturally this never happens to me, because I know to avoid it).

In principle a decent mesh setup with 3 points would easily cover my house. And make Claire happy.

Should I drop the £300+ on this? Which ones work best?


I’m using UniFi and it’s great.


I think that this might be my route. The mesh ones appear to have issues. My current thinking is to install some Unifi things in the loft, where they can be connected together by ethernet. Consumer grade wifi stuff is just awful.


It is, and it was causing issues with the B&B, so on @cragger’s suggestion I got a draytek router and a couple of UniFi access points, one covers the house really well and one of the outside ones. Regularly goes 100+ days without issue.


Well I got a single Unifi LR (long range) for now, and it appears to cover the whole house. Setup was dead easy (on the basis that I don’t want or expect to use any of the huge number of complex options), so it was basically nail to the wall, plug in cables and go.

I especially like that it comes with a power over ethernet injector, so you only run one cable to it. Nice touch.

At the moment I’ve left the homeplugs in place for the media players that are static, but I might change that in due course.

So it looks like my wifi hassles are over for less than £100. I wish I have known about these ages ago - I’ve spent so much on upgrading routers, homeplugs and the like. Even the premium domestic stuff seems pants.

Anyway, time will tell…


My Unifi AC Lite is one of those additions I’ve made which in turn, has been one of those devices I can forget I own. I never need to log in to the management portal to change anything on it, occasionally (like, a matter of weeks), I may have to reboot my router and that is purely because my Google Home Assistant sometimes doesn’t play the radio reliably, that is it.

The good part as well is, if you DO need to extend your range, the Unifi stuff is intended to scale properly as a mesh setup, but the range is so good on my “Lite”, poverty model that I don’t think you’ll ever have issues with what you’ve chosen.

Strongly recommend buying separate units (modem, router, switch, access point) - few more minutes to set up, but the benefits are obvious at our house.

Sorry for the delay in trying to offer any advice, not as regular a visitor here as I used to be!!


Yeah still working perfectly, much smoother setup than before.