Wifi security camera for garden

Anyone recommend a good outdoor camera with a wide viewing angle and a good app for accessing live feed?

I use Hikvision Cameras (8 of them) with software running off my Synology NAS. I haven’t had a great deal of reliability with WiFi though, all my cameras (inc external) are wired.

How are you planning to power the camera?

I dont know how good the Ring cameras are, but my Ring video doorbell runs wireless and isn’t too leggy?

Mains probably unless there is something out there with really good battery life - ie over a day.

Always wondered what stops someone pinching your ring doorbell as it’s outside…

screwed to the door. You could probably nick the battery reasonably easily. But it’s hardly worth the effort

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Ring doorbell battery lasts about 6 weeks.

Do you want to keep recordings?

any use?

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Unscrew it? If you can screw it on surely someone can take it off?
I notice they will replace any stolen one for free. But I don’t like the idea of it being stolen!

screws are hidden by the cover, which is attached with a security screw

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I have the same but only three cameras, working ok so far. Currently trying to work out what has massacred all our fish from the pond. Local Centre reckon an otter but we are nowhere near a river, could be a mink.


Move to a lower crime area.

Yeah, nailed it; come to sunny Luton :smiley:

I have. It’s not for crime.

I think Stu was only joking when he said: ‘I know your secret, I’ve been watching you, Put £5K in a Tesco’s bag in the bin at the end of your road at 11.17am on Friday’. - He’s a laugh, good old Stu.

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I’d pay more than £5k to keep my secrets that way

We have been so pleased with our wired cctv system , been a tremendous help with so many things and did not cost a lot. Very high def picture and no batteries to worry about

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