Will some wire and a nail work?

To a large extent on M.M. cart bodies, it is simply a matter of pulling the stylus bodies out. You simply pull the stylus housing (red placcy bit on yours) forward and straight out. On some like Audio Technica fer instance it’s a more arcane diagonal/forward & downward motion, that is less intuitive if you’re used to the other.

Replacing the stylus if poss would be far less hassle, as the cart is hopefully properly aligned on the tonearm. If this is an option I’d advise some scales to set t’ tracking weight correctly

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The Cartridge looks like an Ortofon VMS or M20 (They are similar - Styli are available) Pull off the red one directly forwards towards you and slide the new one in (once you have confirmed exactly what cart it is)


It’s a lot easier to replace a stylus than a cartridge, if you have sausage fingers. Fucking about with the little screws etc on the cartridge is awkward, whereas the stylus is easy. And you can practice with the old one a couple of times until you’re confident.

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No need to borrow J_Bs fettling hammer either.


So the red bit at the front just unplugs. Is this the stylus of which you all speak? If so even I can’t fuck that up. How do I find out what to replace it with as some of the suggestions above don’t look like they’ll fit.
Or should I just ram it in there as the actress said to the bishop.

It certainly looks like an ortofon

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Does the stylus look like this

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Looks like an ortofon thanks…

Get in contact with Ortofon and send them a picture

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