Will some wire and a nail work?

So I’ve finally got some sort of rack for my hifi rather than it all piled on top of each other on some old marble chopping blocks.
This has prompted me to extract an old Thorens TD105 that belonged to my dad out of the shit tip that is my garage.
I’m hoping it will still spin but I’m pretty sure the stylus is fooked. What would be a reasonable new one to use? I know nothing about this shit having embraced the digital revolution early on.
It now seems quite trendy so I thought I’d have a bash.
Not looking to spend much, but don’t even know where to start.
I’ll be looking at fecking valve amps next.

Will some wire and a nail work?

Denon seem to think so


Good safe bet, to start with.


Have you got any records?

(creaking door opens, stairs descend to a dark cellar illuminated only by a small candle…)

I do have some records or ‘vinyls’ as I believe da yoot call them.
Is any old stylus compatible with any old tone arm? Or like most things are there complicated venn diagrams of compatibility?

I believe the answer you are looking for is ‘yes’

Difficult to say as you haven’t mentioned what the tone arm is.

Never say ‘vinyls’

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What cartridge is on it? You may still be able to get a new stylus for that cart., though it won’t be up to the standard of most on here.

Have you got a built in phono stage on your amp (or an external one?)

I think he is calling a cart a stylus?

Just don’t put it in front of the horse


Are there horses involved? Yummy.
I feel my grip on the sides of this rabbit hole is slipping.
Right. It’s whatever the standard arm is. Nothing funky.
I don’t want to do anything fiddly so the boxy thing is what I’m after (I guess that’s a cartridge then)
I’m using an old technics amp as a pre amp for this which has a ‘phono’ in so I’m guessing all the phono stage gubbins is in that.
I wii be swapping this out for an actual pre amp and phono stage if I actually use the thing.
Fuck me watches are so much easier.

I’ll do some pictures which might help tomorrow

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Ortofon OM5E is a decent inexpensive cartridge option. The belt is likely in need of replacing as well, especially after doing garage time.



Apparently the current cart (I has the lingos now) is an ‘E’ appropriate given I’ll be using it mainly for dance music.

Also thought I’d better check if it actually works and yes after spending 4 years in my current garage and who knows how long elsewhere it spins and the arm does it’s little dance when you press the stop ‘button’.


Not that I know anything! Just that it’s possible to replace the stylus or the cart so best to be on the same sheet.

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Almost certainly denoting an elliptical stylus.

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I now understand this. I thought the whole thing was the stylus. To be honest given my meat hooks replacing a stylus is probably going to be an expensive exercise in frustration if I ever attempted it. So I won’t. Even replacing the cart is going to require a delicacy I’m not sure I possess.

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Nope. Pull the old one out and shove the new one in. 20 seconds of simplicity that you could train a chimpanzee to do.

Joking apart, it really is very easy to replace a MM stylus.

You should check the cartridge set up at the same time - alignment, VTA, VTF, etc.