Window cleaning

As we have had to stand down our regular window cleaner I need to do the job myself. As I’m a lazy cunt I’d like to do the job as easily as possible.
So, the big question is do the window vacs work? Anyone use one? And which make / model do I need?

I’ll just sit down now and wait for the inevitable RX-8 suggestions

We have a Karcher one. Never gets used. Pain in the ass.

Bottle of vinegar and some old newspapers.




We have a Karcher, love it.

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I’ll rename the thread “window licking” in due course.


Same here, great piece of kit.

Agree, they work for me. Very cheap motor and they could be engineered better (suffer from the principe of get them out cheap as you can…).

I can never quite get a solution not to smear though.

Window cleaner with some vinegar
Put on with kitchen roll, then newspaper before it is dry

Also add same mix to windscreen washer when I fill it up


“Window cleaner” as in the off the shelf commercial stuff?


I bought a proper blade and squeegee from homebase a few years ago. Get great results, plus its quite enjoyable.

You’re weird



We’ve got leaded windows, therefore no window cleaning is easy :rage:

No idea if this vid is any help

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Thanks @stu.

Yep, looks about how I do it. Long and hard work.

Plus twelve different waxes/cleaners, a fourteen step-method and around 3.5 days to do all the windows?

Bet they’re shiny though.


Karcher, excellent piece of kit.

Karcher used once and put away, along with the pressure washer, lawn mower, smrimmer, broom, shears and all that digging shit.

Windows not cleaned in about 3 years

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