Windows Vista/iTunes issues

Don’t laugh, but my iTunes library is on my old (2008 - how do I know? the CMOS battery’s fucked, so the default date is 26/6/2008) Dell laptop.
Bought a new one a couple of years ago, but never felt the need to install iTunes as everything was synced to my iPod touch and up to date. However, this has now chucked a thrombie and I needed to get it restarted, hence dragging my old lappy out from under the bed. Password checks out along with the ID, but cannot update iTunes due to error -50.
I’ve changed the date on the laptop, checked security permissions etc, but still no joy.
Does anyone know of a solution, or will I have to transfer or re-rip the entire library to the new laptop?

Copy the iTunes folder on the old Vista PC to a USB and copy it over to a new one and then do a restore

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Cheers, I’ll give it a go this morning.