Wireless speaker - Sonos Roam? or something else

I have been told to buy a speaker for use outside - so i dont have to have the UnitiQute in the kitchen going full tilt to hear it in the garden.

so rechargeable battery, WiFi so it can connect to my DLNA server (or NAS) for my music library.

Sonos Roam looks like it’ll do the job - I have no other Sonos gear.

Anything else? We have several Amazon devices but it is heavily tied into their infrastructure and i haven’t managed to get them to play from my NAS.

I dont want a battery powered Pi with DAC, AMP, speaker in a box… I suppose I could add an some outdoor speakers and speaker switch the UnitiQute…

Nice and discrete…

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Trigger Alert (not the one with the broom)

One of my mates has the Bose Soundlink, sounds quite good for the size and battery lasted a good 8 hours when we went tenting.


JBL Charge 3 is what I use. Small but perfectly formed :+1:

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I bought one of these (they also come in grey)

Wifi and Bluetooth

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Squeezebox radio, if you have LMS running somewhere

no LMS, and I don’t want it again

is it bluetooth only? Would prefer to have WiFi as well.

Think it’s BT only

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After much cogitating, BT only is fine, and we got a JBL Charge5 which works brilliantly with my phone and goes suitably loud to annoy the neighbours

JBL is great for the garden - now pondering a change for the bedroom system - anyone had any experience of the KEF LSX Wireless?

blimey the wall brackets are a bit pricey