Wood Seasoning

We have had a Yew Tree felled in our garden, it was next to boundry between us and next door, causing a bit of an issue (neighbour was maintaining it on his side, blocking light into his kitchen and in the way of a fence that needs replacing).

I now have a load of Yew rounds, with the vauge idea in a few years that I could use it on a lathe (that I don’t have yet, in the new workshop/shed that I don’t have either).

I have read that sealing the ends with a PVA based mix is a good idea, as well as cutting it down to sensible sizes to aid seasoning?

We also have an amount of Leylandii, Holly and Ash of various trees that have been felled to season, but its the Yew I’m most interested in. The rest once seasoned will be destined for the wood burner!

Basically, the previous owners did not do much gardening (for ~20 years) and the 5-6 Holly trees have grown up on the boundries, and in two cases starting to cause damage to another very old wall! Pleased the Leylandii has now gone, gained about 1.5ft of extra car space for parking in the front drive, and around 2ft for the neighbour!

We have kept most of the larger branches from the Yew, stripped and cut down for firewood, as I gather its very good!

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All the larger bits I have bought inside…

The largest, are up to around 15" in diameter.

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Tis a lovely wife you have there

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Don’t worry, it’s our ‘garden room’. The previous owners built it without heating so at the moment it’s a posh garage with windows!


Needs heating and horns :+1:


I’d love to but it’s going to become our new kitchen as part of some remodeling of the ground floor. Does mean the lounge then becomes a dedicated grown-up hifi room.

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Going to need a bigger imaginary lathe.

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Point one, don’t cut into biscuits.

Cut to length, a few inches longer than the diameter. Unless you are feeling brave or have suitable skills avoid branch junctions. Maybe save a couple of them for when you get the hand of it. Seal with a proprietary sealer. Store in well ventilated and cool place. Leave until you need the blanks.

All here and this article agrees with the guy doing the training at my greenwood course and aligns with advice in a couple of books I have.

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Wood Magazine delivers on it’s promise? Asking for a friend.


The Lingerie Chest issue is a modern classic your friend might be interested in .

Used copies are the analogue equivalent of digital currency.

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Thanks Bob, I’ll have a look!