Wooden Shjips: September 14th - Free Ticket

My Mrs has headed off the Straya at short notice which means I have a spare ticket for the gig at the Invisible Wind Factory (not an outlet for @jim I believe). It is an e-ticket so meet up is obligatory as I can’t get it off the Skiddle app on my iPhone.


I really like the vive la void album.

Invisible yes, inaudible no…:grin:

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Nothing serious I hope :thinking:

This :thinking:

No, just visiting her folks.


She only found out she was going to Oz while we were in Spain in August because I bought her the ticket, hence the short notice.

She hasn’t been home for a while because keeping the yellow at bay keeps her busy.


Stop threadcrapping my free stuff thread with your concern you feckers!!



Ask Whizzkid-he has fond memories of WS…

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Liverpool’s a wee bit bit far, otherwise I’d love to grace (burden) you with my presence Olan.

OK, the ticket is now spoken for.