Woodworking tool recommendations

I think I’m going to do some woodwork. I am going to do some woodwork!

I’m a novice and need to get some tools together so if anyone can recommend the basic tools I should have and any good books you may have read it will be appreciated.

Already looking at planes and chisels and have a router. That’s about it.



You might want to narrow ‘woodwork’ down a bit. If you’re thinking of cabinet-making then something like this should do the trick

If, on the other hand, your aim is to knock up pallets, or some timber fencing, then the tool chest might be a bit OTT. Although it does offer a wide selection of hitting tools (you can even use planes for hitting things, but if he hears about it @pmac will find out where you live and come and burn it down).


Well I’m thinking more cabinet making than fencing. Just need to figure out what is actually in that tool chest then.

I like wood and just feel like making stuff myself. I’ll start small and see what I can do.

I did have to go to hospital from school once when I stuck a chisel into my finger when taking turns chopping a pencil and it was fairly small when I had a go.

Self teaching cabinet making is a very ambitious goal. An apprenticeship is usually around 4 years. Maybe look at enrolling in a college course?

I think I’ll start with a rack or a box or something like that. Maybe a bench actually, saw some bits of wood I could use for that.

Learn how to sharpen any planes and chisels you end up owning.
I am still very much a novice, but I have managed to achieve a decent enough sharp edge on all my tools with some practice, makes a world of difference.

This is a good book
Collins Complete Woodworker’s Manual https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0007164424/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_5HGJMAWTRQ6MHT26WXKG
(Sorry for the amazon link)

There’s a tool thread on here already, have a look in there.

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Excellent, thanks.

Marking out tools. A 150mm engineer square, a making knife, a steel 600mm rule, pair of dividers.

Saws…a contractors hard point from B&Q. Japanese Dozuki.

Planes… Don’t scrimp, lie Nelson, Clifton or Veritas No5.

Workbench, solid and flat. Lie Neilson , sjoburg.

Set of chisels from the likes of ray Ilse’s or sorby will get you going. If I were starting again I would buy a 6mm and see how I got on, find a manufacturer you like, buy the rest after that. There are loads to choose from.

Cramps… Record 135 sash, some parallel jaw and some quick release. Don’t scrimp. Only but a few to start, you’ll but more when you know the size you need.

Good set of wood drills.

Wooden mallet, b&q.

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Brilliant. I’ve had a look at some of those planes already and have not seen them in stock, might take a while to get all this up and running anyway. I’m definitely thinking of buying well to buy once (hopefully).

Now off to look up Japanese Dozuki!