World Cup Squad


I like the look of that young Palace fullback Wan-Bissaka but I’m sure it’ll be too soon for him.

The full backs will be Walker, Rose, Trippier, Young Centre backs to include Stones, Smalling, McGuire and he’ll take Cahill.

Midfield. Will Shelvey go? He probably should as he’d give something different to the usually clueless athletes that charge about with no actual vision.


LOL, no.


He has looked good on occasion. Like yesterday. He’s also a complete liability.


Should be good for some cards along with dele alli


Shelvey v Fellaini in the Belgium match. That’ll be funny.


Suggestions that will result in the thread being locked:

Andy Carroll
Mark Noble


Shelvey can be outstanding/utter shite and you don’t know what you will get on any given occasion. I don’t think he’ll go, cos GS hasn’t got the balls to pick him, but he could be a decent plan B/last resort sub.


Defoe yes or no?

I’d take him


I would. Use him sparingly, but as a finisher there is nobody better.


I wouldn’t.

(maybe Murray too)


When he gets tired after banging in his 7th or 8th, haul him off & throw Peter Crouch on. Surprisingly good with his feet for a big man.


Can’t see the point of taking him myself. I would have thought Sterling, Kane, Vardy and Rashford would be the first choice forwards. For the useless forward spot I would expect Wellbeck to get a gig before Defoe. Also, you should thank Everton for ensuring that there is no chance of Walcott going. :confounded:


Oh yeah, Rashford ofc.


Forgot about him, surprised you overlooked Rashford though :wink:


He probably will, but shouldn’t


He’s always done better for England than club.


Ryan Bertrand?


Yes and one of the biggest compliment that he gets from the pundits is how good he is tracking back. I would prefer a great goal poacher.


I’d take defoe over Sterling.

Sterling is fine with the right players around him


This is a broad category though including Henderson, Cahill, Hart, Milner, Wellbeck and others. While the ‘he probably won’t, but should’ category will include all sorts of young exciting talent that might have made the futility of it all a bit more entertaining.