World Cup Squad

We need to start a discussion about Southgate’s likely 23 man squad for Russia. Assuming 3 keepers that leaves 20 places. Who should be going?

Presumably 4 centre backs, 4 fullbacks, 4 strikers and 8 midfield or wide players.

Name the probables & the possibles…


Butland, Pickford & Pope. Any other contenders?

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He’ll probably still take Hart :roll_eyes:

Keepers: Butland Pickford and Pope. Gunn?

No Hart or Foster.

Maybe Tom Heaton if he can get back into Burnley’s team. Forster & Hart are having horrible seasons.

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Walker a shoo in and I like McGuire.

If Southgate is sensible he’ll try (but fail) to make some amalgam of Man City & Spurs work. I have to agree re Walker. Has Fabian Delph done enough? I suspect Ashley Young may go

Stones & Dier will go aswell. Where’s Klyne up to fitness wise? It may be too late for him.

I would also so see how Danny Rose pans out he was quite useful before he fell out of favour. Don’t forget Bertrand.
Stones is not playing for City that should be a concern.

I don’t know much about wendyballl but from what I have seen this season he should take Kevin De Bruyne, He could probably win it on his own.

I’m sure he’s appreciate the lift but they should let Belgium pay his fare really.

We have a 17 yo playing for us that we acquired from Exeter name of Ampadu that could have played for England but Wales snapped him up.
He is going to be some player.
I would also take Ryan Sessegnon of Fulham for the experience.

I likes a bit of football, but I am struggling to give a fuck about the world cup. It is going to be dull shit football by England and they may just get out of the group if they are lucky.

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I fully expect Southgate to take the usual suspects in a very uninspiring squad :frowning_face:

I reckon Hart and Milner will be in to add **experience to the squad

**experience of being shit in International tournaments


Was going to suggest Hart for the experience he has,but it is all negative in tournaments so don’t see the point.

Meh. It won’t matter which players are in the squad, it’ll end up the same.

Now look, that’s not how it works.

We are supposed to spend ages discussing the pros and cons of taking player x or player y, then shake our heads in astonishment when the manager opts for player z instead.

Following that, we build ourselves up into a frenzy of ridiculously misplaced optimism (I really think we could actually win it this year etc etc), before rolling our eyes in that familiar way when England tank against a weakened Mongolia before going out in a nail biter against some Scandinavian postmen.

You can’t just cut straight to the chase and conclude that we will be shit - takes all the fun out of it.


There’s no chance of Clyne getting in, he hasn’t played a single competitive minute this season. Gomez will probably get the nod as he can provide cover for RB and CB.

It looks like Southgate will play with 3 CBs anyway.

Ah yes, Cahill. He’s another fucker he’ll take, but shouldn’t

He’ll probably take Smalling too. He has games like the one yesterday where he just defends & does ok but anything that involves playing the ball out usually ends with some kind of ricket at some point.

Oh I’m certain Smalling will go.