World Cup sweep ⚽️

If there are any of Mark’s balls involved, hot or not, I shall not be watching

I’m happy to throw away a tenner. Seems I do it with every Album I buy at the moment anyway.

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I’ll also have a pop at this

Only two spots left!

@murrayjohnson @stu @Cambs13 etc. any more for any more

@Jim’s obviously been told to put his phone down.

I’ll have one just to spite a real football fan

LOL. This is only for fans of money, not football.

Who will get the coveted 16th slot?

Go on then

There’s a difference?

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Only reason I entered. No skill required.

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There we go then, you can all start sending Munis.

Didn’t expect it to fill up so quickly so I’ll look to do open the draw this evening. Going to make the spreadsheet now.

I’d be happy to have one team for my tenner if more people want to enter. Bigger prizes too :moneybag:

Was Russia’s written bid to FIFA for hosting the world cup.

Could see if we could get 32

Same as this

Tenner sent

Money sent

Money sent
Cheers :beers:

I think we’d struggle to get another 16.