World Cup sweep ⚽️


Sweden & Portugal


Cowdenbeath are known as the Blue Brazil so not a bad choice :grinning:


Pay me in bit coin


Yes, but Brazil as in nut


Ok I’ll give you that one


I have to will good vibes to this self centered niblett to win ?


…I got de woe


Ugh, you should have got the money in advance :laughing:


and 2 special fried rice with a can of coke please


I’ll take 25 & 30


The suspense is killing me.:flushed:

Mark clearly searching for ways to make 18 and 26 correspond with Argentina and Belgium.:zipper_mouth_face:


Yeah, he expects us to believe that a time stamp is secure :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Poland & Argentina


Which leaves me with Senegal & Belgium.


Final Allocations

Original timestamped master


Very well organised. I’m amazed you managed to get it done so quickly.

Now, repeat after me

Engeerlaaand, Engeerlaaand, Engeerlaaand…

At least I have two reasons to support them now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve removed my email from the OP now, as only Wayne is left to pay.

I’ll naked wrestle him at Lopwell for double or quits.


Thank fuck I’m not going. That is something nobody should be exposed to without liberal application of general anesthetic before the event.


I’ll stick the boot in when no one’s looking



Excellent, we’ll sell tickets and make more money than I’m likely to off Australia and Egypt :slightly_smiling_face:

(Or Pm me your PayPal Mark and I’ll sort this morning).