Wrexham, 3rd March

For those of you who have utterly lost the will to live, I present the perfect location. Wrexham.

Come find out if a random selection of bits of hifi, none of which I’ve actually heard before, sounds any better than a dog’s breakfast.

I will attempt to cook food, to quite what level depends a bit on how my arm is doing.

It will be at my parents’ house, so overnighting here isn’t really feasible unfortunately.


I’d need to arrange somewhere to get my head down - it’s too far for a day trip.

But on the assumption that shouldn’t be too difficult…


If enough people want to come who would need to stay overnight I can see if there’s anywhere local that can do a group booking.

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And somewhere else for Gaseous Clay AKA Jim.


Hmm, let’s think about it. We’re at the granddaughters at the moment so cannot check diaries but are 99% sure we can supply a bed

Might even go myself :grinning:

We’re an hour away.


That’s a very kind offer Mick - cheers :grinning:

Bring speakers please. :joy:


How’s this going? I can put Jim up for Saturday and Sunday nights.

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I think there’s a suitable plan in place to mean we will have a functioning system by then! Probably going to be a slightly later start than some just to other family movements in the house, per se 13:30, but we can always go to a nearby pub for lunch if people want to come a bit earlier.

Going to need to kick this further down the road, got too much other stuff going on right now (plus only 2 people could make it at short notice).