WTB: Buckingham Nicks on vinyl



I think I might have an lp somewhere Mark.


Pretty rare, cracking album too


Just checked Amazon.co.uk and it’s £275 + p&p in good condition my one has never been played and is the original pressing. Shall we say £1000? :heart_eyes:lol.


You can buy a sealed, new reissue for just over £20


I don’t mind paying Discogs type prices for a decent one.





It’s a bit odd, that. I thought it was last re-issued in 1977.


Is that not the 1977 reissue then?


Could be a bootleg, I suppose?

Most of the stuff he sells are vinyl reissues. Either he has a great source for these albums, or access to some serial bootleggers.

Dunno mate?


There seems to be quite a lot of more recent reissues, although many of them are classified as ‘unofficial’