WTB: Raspberry Pi

Anyone got a Pi (with a case and PS etc) they wish to sell?

Looking to offload Kodi from my NAS and would like to experiment.

I’m sure @AmDismal can part with one of the several dozen he has :rofl:

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I’m kinda banking on it :smiley:

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My only spare is an early one, possibly even a 1, which won’t work that well with Kodi. You want a fairly fast one for when you need to transcode.

For what reason mark?

Long, boring reasons.

Got the QNAP NAS plugged directly into the telly with an HDMI cable. Nice enough feature if a little bit of a pain sometimes having 4-disks whirring away audibly.

However, recent NAS and Kodi updates have inevitably taken what was a system working perfectly to something which now stutters playing back 24p material natively. Being a QNAP this isn’t the easiest thing to fix. I’ve tried a number of settings on Kodi to try and get it working again, such as turning off hardware acceleration etc.

The ideal situation would be to go back to Kodi13 where it all worked perfectly, but I can’t get that to run on the latest HD Station.

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I have one Mark, but I don’t remember what level?/number it is.
Will dig it out.
Probably too old for you. Pi 3 Model B V1.2 2015
This has the IQ Audio DAC board and metal case.

I think I have a boxed Model 3B you can have.

@catcando @Ijrussell either sounds like it would work. Presume these are 1GB memory?

Can you let me know how much you’d like for it? Or whether I can trial it (will cover all postage).

I have no idea what memory is in it.
Happy to post, for you to try.

Yes, the 3B is 1GB RAM. Let me know if it’s of any use to you.

Thanks chaps. Gregg is lending me his, but it has a DAC board that I don’t need.

Will see how it goes.

A 3B will be fine for Kodi. In principle.

I actually run a minidlna server on a pi. I run Kodi on a Windows box as the pi always stuttered on playback.

The boy and I prefer minidlna, Claire loves Kodi but never actually watches anything from it.

Funky cold

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Will see how it goes, I don’t need it to do 4k.

Oh I remember now, it kept having lip sync issues. Was bloody annoying. YMMV

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@Ijrussell has kindly sent me one for Freezors, so I’ve inserted a few groats into the forum meter.