Wtd 4 way rca input selector

I have 4 but 2 are 3 way,and the 2 4 way one’s aren’t working properly.
Bought a cheap push button type one,but keeps popping out losing contact.The other has a dodgy selector connection due to age

Some have a 3.5mm as one of the inputs which is fine as it would be going to the 3.5mm headphone socket on the telly.

If you have one to sell let me know


I pointed Tim towards this

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I did have one. It may be in a box in the cellar. I’ll look tomorrow. If so you’re welcome to it gratis.

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Just get one of these, Stu



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Probably worth more than my whole system.


Apparently they’ve started making them again, according to their website. How true that is, I don’t know, can’t find any dealers with them in stock.

They’re a lot of money for what they do.

Diy something with one of these?

Ta,but would have no idea how to make it,and just after something cheap and cheerful

Sorry Stu. Just had a rummage and it’s not there.

Which means I’ve no idea where it is?

These used to be £10 from Maplin, I occasionally plug a couple of TT’s in for comparison purposes. I can’t hear any degradation apart from another set of cables.

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No probs. Thanks for looking :+1:

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My ears are so bad I’m struggling to hear much if any difference over this little amp over my valve one

Go and get them checked and then get the new type of fancy hearing aids that correct for frequency response errors in yer lugs.

I’ve had mine since September 2017. Best upgrade ever. I used to find my Quad 57s dull and rolled of. Now they sound spot on! Plenty of top end.

But I now find my Lowthers in Oris horns far too bright and need to apply EQ.

Had them checked a few years ago.

Some of the mid range area is permanently damaged,strangely I struggle hearing certain women’s voices

A bright system really hurts my ears

Lol :grin::grin:


Many thanks to Mr Chan for finding and sending it to me :+1:


Does it do what you need?


Yes,it is perfect thanks :+1: