Wtd acrylic platter

Larry longshot,but has anyone got an acrylic platter for a systemdek they would sell

There are rega ones on ebay but don’t know if they will fit

To get the equivalent weight of the glass platter Systemdek use it needs to be ~20mm thick. Apart from the label recess in the top, I seem to recall that when we made these at AI, we put a small recess on the bottom surface maybe 2mm deep that the inner hub sat up inside it basically to bring the playing surface down closer to where it is with the glass & felt mat. But of course it still has to clear the top of the motor pulley.
I don’t know whether the ones Systemdek subsequently made had that feature. Have you tried calling the Dunlops to see if they still have any?

There’s the AN TT1 platter they sell separately now but it’s not cheap.

Ah,didn’t realise that,i have a 10mm one in the cupboard and the rega one on ebay is 16mm.
I’ll email them or ring them next week

Yes,think it’s about £150

Phone PQ butter him up a bit (salted of course) and he’d probably sell you one for £50


Once he’s dusted it off with is shaving brush.

There were 2 types of platter for the Systemdek and AN only have one left in stock.

It would be useful if I could remember which type they have left but I can’t.

The perfect AA post

I remain in awe

@edd9000 - ought to be an easy CNC job?

Better off with the £150 one I reckon, really need a lathe to make a good platter and get good surface finish.

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^^ This

Yes esp if a recess is required plus a lathe that will turn the outside of a platter is quite a big one.
I understand that turning acrylic physically easy but it has a memory and changes size a little post machining.
Oven cooking, pre machining and resting may be part of good acrylic platter manufacture.

Managed to get this in the end