WTD: Android mobile phone

Anyone got anything lying in the drawer gathering dust?

Oldish, newish, budget?
Do you want just a phone, or be able to do online banking, browsing, etc?

Christ, how long do you keep old phones for? 20 years?

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I have a couple - one is branded Vodaphone, the other Blackview. Both about 6". Will need to charge them up if you want more info.

No, but some banks require at least Android ?.???, and some decent old phones won’t upgrade to that.

I’d like something no worse than my Moto G7 which is android 10. Something not too huge with a decent battery life. Also not locked to a network.

I have a Samsung Note 9 128gb, it is quite large though.

If nothing here, have a browse around Envirofone.

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Thanks Mark, will read do.

Thanks, I will do a bit of research.

My Blackview one is fucked. The Vodafone one works OK but it’s only Android 6 with no option to update.

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Ok, thanks anyway.

Just had a look and it doesn’t look too huge :slightly_smiling_face: How much Mick?

Will dig it out tomorrow and drop you a message.

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Still looking.

I have a Samsung galaxy note 10 here if you are still stuck. It’s in great condition, was always kept in a case with a screen protector. Battery isn’t as good as it was but otherwise it’s a cracking phone.

Thanks James but I bought a Google pixel 6, absolutely love it.


Ah nice phone that. Good stuff.

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