WTD. Bookshelf speakers

I’m interested in trying some bookshelf sized speakers in my second system room. Open to any ideas but thinking Royd’s or something like that would nice.
Front ported or sealed box would definitely be an advantage I think.
If you have anything interesting let me know.

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Budget would help.


Scruffy Snell K’s?

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Triangles could be a maybe
Thanks Guy I tried AN Ks and they didn’t suit for me.

That’s a good shout

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these could be worth an offer.

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They’re the pair I owned (in fact, half of the pics are mine, too :thinking:).

Anyway, a really fantastic pair of speakers.

At least photo 7 is at @Ijrussell house….

@edd9000 built them.

Still my favourite box speaker. But Tim could make his own for that or less.


A local friend has some AVI ADM9 actives in great condition if anyone is interested?

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