Wtd. cd player

Ay up
I’m looking for a CD player for my second system.
I’ve had two Marantz CDs now a cd63 and a cd67 both have had the same issue with failing RCA sockets so I’m not bothered about another Marantz player. Also no room for a top loader.
Other than that open to anything. Budget! not really wanting to spend much more than £200.
Let me know what you’ve got.

Might have something. Let me have a look tomorrow and get back to you

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I have a Micromega stage 2 transport thats been sitting in cupboard since the late 90s hardly ever used.You would need a dac though.

Thanks Pinkfish for the offer but I don’t have a DAC that I could use with it.

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Apologies Tim, meant to reply earlier…
Luxman D322 or Marantz CD53. Either could be yours for a few quid in the AA fund.
Not exactly high end, I know. Thought I had a nice Rotel until I remembered I gave it to my sister


Thanks for the offer pm sent.
Another option might be a DAC to use with my old player or a transport
Anyone got anything?

Replacing the RCA sockets would be very easy to repair, I’m sure. Must be someone close to you that could do it.

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I’ve had a look myself the sockets are part of the pcb not sure how to replace them. If anyone can give guidance or take a look that would be good too.

Whereabouts are you?


Tim, the solder joint may just of cracked , broke off on , may just want re soldering back on the pcb. This happens a lot when pushing on and taking out connectors. If this is the case , once done put some very short connectors on (tails) and leave them in place,then plug your rca connectors into them, hence your not pushing / pulling your rca connectors on the pcb all the time when connecting and disconnecting. :wink:

If you want I can have a look at your old none working one.

If you want a change and want to buy another these are quite reliable and this looks in good nick, postage is high though.


I think @Rick has one of these in his upstairs system, sounds very good.


He should nab it off Rick then. :rofl:

I’ve got the xb920 , had it years with no problems , use it mainly as a transport it’s not bad as a normal CD player for the money. Always make sure the puck is with it though or it won’t work.


I have a Rotel 865BX Discrete you are welcome to try, and/or a few DACs. Just drop me a PM if interested.


My first ever CD player. Lasted for years. I really enjoyed it until it went phut about 20 years ago. Very generous offer.