WTD: Cheap(ish) DAC

Anyone got a moderately priced DAC for sale? Maximum of maybe £500 or so.

As I’m switching away from the MaiA, which does everything, I need to find a DAC for my streamer. Rest of the system is going to be the L300, an XTZ A2-300 and the Triangle Genese Quartets.

As has been mentioned elsewhere I’ll be in the UK for a few days soon, hence checking in with you lot.

In France so you can avoid all those brexity bonuses, they normally go for £300-400

Had one a few years ago and its a good DAC (much better with a linear PSU)


I have Jolida Glass FX tube m3 with variable output available - £300 plus delivery.


Also this could be a decent streamer with inbuilt DAC too. The NuPrime mini is fine for a 250€ component, but the UI of the app is teeth-grindingly infuriating.

I’ll do my usual one of suggesting the more mainstream bits - Sonos Port or Bluesound Node, although the latter is starting to get a bit pricey.

Oh yes, I did look at the Bluesound Node. The one with the inbuilt HDD looked especially tempting.

Love mine, although ironically I think it sounds slightly better connected to one of these

Good shout on the Node.

I’ve got the older Node 2 (somewhere) and although the DAC is fairly shit I liked the app quite a lot and integration with streaming is simple (that and the radio paradise integration is excellent)

Looks like it is £550 new, not sure if that is a 2 or 2i though

Ah looks like the new node is just called the “Node”

Node N100 >> Node 2 >> Node 2i >> Node (current version)

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I have a SMSL Sanskrit something Mark 2 something that you can have for free if you like

Not knocking your generosity in any way but bought one of these out of curiosity after you posting about them in your multiway horn system and found it unrefined to say the least. Very cheap though.

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Thinking about it, I’ve got a Cambridge Audio cxn v2 I bought new from RS last July

Yours for £500, not sure if I have the box still so may not be able to post.

And in true forum style, the end result turns out to be none of the above. I’m getting a Naim ND5 XS :rofl:


I hope they’ve sorted out the abortion that is the Naim app, when the screen on my unitiqute died I tried using the app and ended up throwing the iPad across the room :firecracker: :firecracker: :firecracker: :firecracker: :firecracker:

Pfm is that way :point_left:

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Thats an argument in itself. Some on PFM will say it points to the left, some on right and others will state a hand is some metaphor for government control.

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And this is the sort of thing that emerges from the Red Mist.

Oh dear…