Wtd: Cheap'ish 240V to 100V step down

Would need to be able to cope with an absolute Max of, say, 100W (kit rated at ~20W).

Anybody got anything knocking about that they would like to find a new home for ?

I have got one somewhere. Where do you live Mike?

I live in Luton Dave.

I will dig it out today and we’ll arrange something.
Can’t post, to lazy.

Great stuff, thanks Dave


Sure I’m pissing into the wind with this, but I need to get it out of my system: if there’s one piece of kit absolutely not to cut corners with, it’s mains transformers.

Safety-wise it’s life and death stuff for a variety of reasons. Beware especially of unbranded Chinese stuff - allegedly specced for Euro-compliance, in reality they aim for 220VAC (UK is 230-250VAC), but rarely achieve it, undertake zero QA checking and slap-on a “China Export” CE sticker which is 100% meaningless. Materials and insulation quality are very often below any meaningful safety standard. And don’t fondly-imagine they send the round-eyes the good stuff - we get the B-grades and below because they know full-well they have zero consumer-accountability, the halfway decent stuff is home-market only.

It’s also important to the dynamic performance of attached equipment, most-obviously amps - they may be nominally rated at (e.g.) 20W, but depending on design, implementation and speaker-pairing they might hit transient dynamic peaks more than 10 times higher than that. Current headroom is vital.

Then you can have all that in place, and if there’s ‘DC’ offset on your household mains (and there almost always is), your transformer’s going to lose a mighty chunk of its efficiency - and possibly sit there buzzing like a bastard to boot.

All that said, Dave’s not exactly known for cheaping-out on kit, so hopefully, all good…

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The reason I asked here Paul, is precisely that I didn’t want to ‘invest’ in a transformer turned pizza oven.

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I have searched around but can’t find it Mike. Tomorrow I will look in a cupboard that at the moment has stuff in front of it.

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Thanks for looking Dave, hopefully it’ll turn up.

He puts the Chi-Fi stuff in the cupboard.

I have sold my Chi-Fi stuff to very appreciative audiophiles.


Suits me. Even Dave’s Chi-Fi stuff is of a certain superior quality :slightly_smiling_face:


Good news Mike I’ve found it. :+1:

Great stuff. Answered your pm Dave

Still looking, if anybody has one surplus, or can recommend one.

Airlink are very good


@sjs made a really good 240v>220v step-down for the M7 when he fixed it for me.

Thanks Chris, all sorted now.