Wtd: Croft pre and power

Always fancied a listen to these, so, anybody have a pre (ideally phono) and / or power they would like to move on.

25 Micro / 7 sort of level would be best.

:beers: and a mega happy Chrimbo to all.

We will start to call you Bourney soon with all that swapping amps.

Personally, I prefer the older Croft, Super Micro / 3 or 4 power.

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Not really swapping, more just getting out of my system.

I really like my current amps but always wanted to play with a PM-4.

The Crofts are because I was reminiscing about an old mate and his was one of the most musical systems I heard, a Croft pre / power into EPOS ES14’s.

You’re a bit spendy at the moment Mike, nice Christmas bonus was it?

Not really Rob, just a couple of bits and after I’ve had a bit of a play I’ll probably move them on.

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Had some croft amps and the phono but thought they were pretty shit.

The guy who bought my old Dynavector power amp bought along some heavily tweaked Croft pre that sounded amazing though, don’t know the model but it was a bit tacky chrome with gold knobs.


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Get a PM-4, I love mine. Aural Flea has one he doesn’t use :thinking:

I’ve literally just bought one @J_B, a real minter :slightly_smiling_face:

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Prob a Croft Vitale, I had one they are nice.