WTD Densen DM10 Mk2

I wish to bi-amp with a DM30, willing to spend around a grand if in good condition.

Don’t bother, bi-amping is pointless.

If you want an upgrade sell your amp, add the money you were going to spend on the second amp, add the cost of the extra cables you were going to buy and with all that cash buy a better amp.


Being doing it for decades and it works with Densens. Given the vast variations of amps out there, I find your generalisation unhelpful.

It is not a generalisation, it is fact, Providing the amp is capable of supporting the load Bi amping adds nothing to the system. it makes no difference whatsoever what the amps are

This is covered by the Superposition principle

But when did science ever mean anything in audio :grinning:

I hope you find your Densen

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Send me £1k and I can help you get rid of it in a way that wont benefit you. But I will enjoy it immensely.

If you adhere to the idea that all amps don’t sound the same, then I think that your proviso is probably not fulfilled, so you kinda contradict yourself (by your amplifier choice) :wink:

That said I would always go active if I had the amps for it, rather than passive bi-amping.