WTD: From Brussels with Love CD

This badger

Before I pay £14 for a second-hand CD I thought I’d check that nobody has a copy that they were just about to take to the charity shop.

I have a copy of the original LP. There is a very, very flash reissue about to hit the shops. Details here. It is a lot more than £14 though. TBH, although it contains some nice tunes from ACR and Durutti Column, I never really listen to it.

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Yes, it was the super-deluxe edition that brought the original to my attention.

Although I think I may have owned it in the dim and distant past, it all gets very hazy beyond a certain point.

The music is OK, it is the avant garde stuff that I find difficult to deal with. I can’t remember if that is the one with Richard Jobson waffling about all over it. I’ve no great need to play it to find out.