Wtd intergrated amp cheap

Kate’s oldest daughter has a GL75 I refurbed for them. And until recently a 90s Rotel amp. The amp has just given up and so they need a new un.
Must have a MM phono stage built in and has to work.
Their budget is limited maybe £50 or there abouts.
Great to find an Arcam alpha 5 or Nad or another Rotel. Anything like that.
They also are looking for some small speakers that can be wall mounted. No larger than 25cm tall.
Again limited budget of around £50, I was thinking Minmus 7 or something like that.
They love music just don’t have much money.
If anyone can help let me know.

Cambridge Audio A5 or Kenwood KA5020 any use?

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Still on the look out.
A few things have got in way but back on the hunt for a amp and perhaps some small speakers.

Got theseTim, they are boxed and pretty much mint, they were my daughters, she had them at uni but didn’t use them much. No phono input but it does have a line in, a cheap phonostage could be used maybe ? Everything is black, the speakers are the gloss finished type.



Hi Tim,

If they go for the Q 2010 and the Pioneer I’ll throw in a Boxed SP-24A phono stage. Looks like new with wallwart power. amp is only 10 x6.5 x 3.5 cm so easily hidden.


Thanks Yoda, generous offer. :+1:

Obviously try before you buy Tim !
I think I have speaker cables and plugs somewhere as well.

Thanks Des and Mike
I’ve sent details to them, they look just the job to me. The extra features on the pioneer will definitely be useful.
I’ll get back to you once they let me know their thoughts.

I think she played the cd about half a dozen times at home then when she went to uni she just blue toothed from her iPhone to it it when she wanted louder music which was rare. To be honest it’s hardly been used.

She now uses a Sonos 1, which is shit compared to this, I think the Q’s make the difference, kids they never learn, it’s all about convenience these days. :grin:


They would really like to try this combo out, so if we can sort this out Des and Mike that would be brilliant
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