Wtd: Micromega CDP

Partly a trip down memory lane, but mostly because I love the sound and looks.

I realise it’s unlikely, but they were fairly popular back in the day and folk don’t really ‘do’ CD’s now, so you never know.

Ideally a Stage 2 or maybe a Stage 6.

Anybody have one surplus to requirements ?

I remember loving the sound of the Solo CD player, although I doubt it would really stand up to comparison with modern players. I’m not sure it was even 16 bit!

Not what you asked for (what else would you expect on here :laughing:) but this is a similar vintage (and French iirc) and looks interesting - pretty sure Mark @browellm used a Helios for a while?

If you can’t find one, I have a Duo.bs DAC that you can have for a £50 donation to the forum running costs.


Still got one!

Lol, £450? Is he on crack?


I saw that but quite spendy !

Ah, sorry, what he said :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks very much Ian, I may well come back to you on that.

I don’t know where this ranks in the range but it’s Micromega.


Didn’t tough Bob have a thing for Micromega cd players? If u can contact him…

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Thanks for that JezR. I’ve tried to contact the seller and PM’d him.

Yep, he did. Good idea; I’ll get in touch.

I have a stage 2 i might be thinking of selling it is boxed but the remote is pretty dusty(not sure it will work looks like the batt were left in it) but the player is fine never really used it as i never took to cds although i still seem to have collected quite a lot of them…P.m me

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All sorted :+1: