Wtd: Mountain Bike


OK, I’m too heavy (fat), I drink waaay too much and I’m far too sedentary.

My father died of a heart attack in his early 60’s and unless I do something about it, that’s exactly where I’m heading. Grim ain’t it ?

I very much enjoyed cycling in my 30’s, so a great place to start.

Anybody have a half decent MTB that would suit a 6’ 3", 33" leg fairly hefty bloke that they would like to sell ?

Think of it not so much as losing a bike as saving (putting through hell) a fellow AA wreck.

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Where are you based Mike ?


Luton, mate.


I might have the very thing but it would need an AA taxi to get it to you unfortunately.


We could probably get that arranged Allan.

I would happily front up some record / beer tokens if somebody could help out.


It’s a Klein Attitude Comp similar to this.

It does need a proper service as I never got round to it; so factor that in to the equation - maybe about £150 as the suspension forks need serviced as well.

You’ll also maybe want to change a few things as your taller than me at 5’10" but it will fit you as the guy I bought it from was the same height as you.

I bought it last year as a bit of an impulse buy to run about on but not really using it and it is a waste as it’s a belter.

I’ll get some pics posted up tomorrow if your interested.


I’ll look into it Allan, but certainly interested.


Classic bike


Klein bikes :heart_eyes:


Here you go chaps - this is the one Mike will be getting :+1:



Oh yeah ! :grinning: :+1:


Full lycra body suit now required for Mike.

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If I did that, you would find it VERY difficult to differentiate me from a Manitou :smile:


Just get out and ride :bike: :grinning:


That’s exactly what I intend to do :slight_smile:

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If it wasn’t for cycling, I would be morbidly obese, hypertensive and probably a lot more stressed.

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Same here Gareth.

Since buying the road bike in 2012 I’ve lost nearly five stone without any change in diet. I’ll never be skinny but feel pretty good for a middle aged cunt.

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Already fitted with slicks so perfect for the job I reckon. I used a mtb for riding to work fitted with slicks.


Almost a shame to use such a nice bike for commuting though…


A mate of mine has a bike shop in Surrey, I know he’s got an ex-hire Cube Aim (£399 don’t think they get used much) in XL that they’re doing for £275. Message me if that’s of interest and I’ll put you in touch.

Mrs has just picked up a new bike and I’ll be moving hers on shortly, shame, you’d need to be a foot shorter!