WTD: Nice cd transport

Flatfish, Sony small form spinner or similar required, transport only but happy to try a player if it looks cool

Nothing large format though as space is limited where I want to site it

Shigaclone type thing also cool if anyone builds them

What’s your budget?

The Cyrus CD-t is worth considering as well.


Sony cdp x3000es

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Budget flexible but less than£2 k ideally

This, or a CDP-X5000ES would be my choice.

I would recommend the S9000ES but as you said compact, that, it is not! :rofl:

Nice, I had one once

That puts a used Bel Canto CD2 in budget. I wouldn’t touch the CD3t.

I still have one

And an Audio Note cdt two, which is also small footprint


47 labs seem hard to find outside Japan and Europe which makes it hard to buy, Sony 3000 or 5000 look like contenders, will have a look for a nice example.

Top loader preferred as well I think having Googled a few now



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often wondered what they were like. Mind you, I’ll probably stick with the Droplet until it dies.

I’d echo this. I have a CD3t which sounds nice with a Jolida Tube DAC but has been very unreliable. The CD2 is simpler and should be more reliable as well as better - wish I’d held out for one of those :grimacing:

(Simpler mechanically, and that’s where my issues have been)

Is that a VRDS? Looks very similar to an Esoteric P10

Yes, quite a lot of the Wadia transports used a vrds mechanism i seem to recall

Always fancied one, but will probably just stick with the AN unit given the little use it has

As a transport it sounds better than the Sony x3000es, but can be idiosyncratic about reading disks, and the lid is nowhere near as slick as the Sony

Always loved the looks of the 3000

3000 looking favourite at the mo but would love a flatfish