WTD - Nice quality Valves

I would like to try a couple of nice foo valves in a phono stage. Only two valves.
1x ECC83
1x ECC88
I’ve actually got a couple of nice ecc83’s so not too worried about those but a nice ecc88 would be good to try.

Reflector 6n23 (ECC88) I’m using one in my phono stage and it’s very good, pretty cheap if you buy them from russia/ukraine.

Do you need both the same or are they in a different part of the circuit

I don’t believe they have to be same manufacturer they are for a Puresound P10.

By the way NOS valves by their very nature can’t be foo.
They were designed for a purpose and they fulfill that purpose, whether that purpose was audio is another matter.

I suppose modern valves designed for audio like exotic 300B could be considerd foo.

Changed title to better reflect what I’m looking for.

I have either an Amperex Orange Globe JAN 7308 or a Mullard CV4108 either of which I believe you can use instead of the ECC88

I also have a Mullard CV2493 which is also compatible with ECC88

I have a couple of generic ECC83 and a Full Music 12AX7

Get one of the valve gurus on here to check what i have said above as it is a long time since I owned a P10 but these are the valves I used iirc.

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Also have a Mullard E188C branded Chelmer Valves which I think is also a 7308/CV4108


I think all of the above are cross-compatible in most circuits.

My DAC and one set of monos use 6922s, I didn’t find the Russian milspec tubes to be much different to modern production 6922 - which are all good - but if you want to try them look for export grade with “-EB” (cyrillic, = EV) suffix.

I’ve also tried Brimar, JJ and some Chinese foo, but much prefer straightforward Mullard ECC88s - a way easier and more musical listen. Didn’t have much luck with older yellow label Mullards, but 1960s white labels have been great, and are dirt cheap still for some reason.

I also have a a few Russian valves 6H1П which I bought at a show years ago as being compatible with 6922 but I have never used them or been able to find any data on them.

6N1P - I don’t think they’re a drop-in for the ECC88 family - 4 and 5 are connected to a screen and the forward current is double. Might work in some circuits, but what’s the point?

I suppose the point is that I was conned by some dealer scum at the Heathrow show years ago who sold them as something they weren’t. :grinning:

Supposedly more linear all things being equal (which they won’t be). However, lower gm (I believe) and higher heater current.

Yes, a good deal lower I think. Mu is not so different, but the Russian valve was really designed to operate at significantly higher anode voltage than the ECC88.


I must buy that lying bastard a pint some time :+1:

Hopefully you won’t notice they can still be had for about a quid a pop on Thiefbay… :pray: