Wtd: Plinth for SP-10 MkII

OK, I’m back looking for a plinth for my SP-10, as it transpires that the chap who I commissioned is no longer able to make me one as arranged.

So, new or used is fine, must be able to accommodate a Rega geometry arm (I have an OL Silver arm) and ideally have a replaceable armboard, just in case :smiley:

Anybody have anything ?

I’m building one for Tim, may as well make 2 if your not in too much hurry ?

Still got my solid oak one.
Not had time to sell it yet…

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Happy to wait a few weeks Mark; what are you making for Tim ?

Dunno yet, got a 301 ongoing which I’m hoping to deliver Jim’s weekend, then fresh start.

Tim’s looking for fairly small footprint for Linn/Rega arm, in ply. I could get Panzar if you really wanted, but you’ll have a better idea of price for that! £££

Sorted, for now, thanks.